3-4 years

Our preschool program reinforces the importance of independence and engaging in learning centers. They will be introduced to new hands-on activities that deal with language, math, science and social skills as their world begins to expand.

Skills that children will learn

1. Cognitive Skills
  • Recognize and pronounce the sounds of letters
  • Connect numbers to quantities they represent
  • Learn to count
  • Participate in science experiments and predict outcomes
  • Learn about various cultures
2. Communication/Language Skills
  • Express themselves by using complete sentences
  • Trace letters and numbers
  • Name people, objects and places surrounding them
3. Fine Motor Skills
  • Learn to use dominant hand
  • Learn to cut with scissors
  • Hold pencil, marker and crayon properly to complete projects in an effective manner
4. Gross Motor Skills
  • Walk in a straight line
  • Walk up and down the stairs (one foot on each step)
  • Pass a ball across to their peers (games)
5. Self-help skills
  • Learn to put on shoes after nap time
  • Remove sheet and blanket from bed after nap time
  • Use the restroom without assistance
6. Social Skills
  • Differentiate between toys during playtime
  • Display appropriate behavior in different situations
  • Become more confident in skills and talents
  • Learn to be considerate of others when playing and participating in activities

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Mushroom House Daycare is committed to providing your child with an educational, nurturing and safe environment.

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